Free Online Chess

Play chess online vs computer

You can change the difficulty level of the computer by clicking on the tab ‘Level’. You can also undo a move you made by clicking ‘Take Back’. Plus many more, just refer to the menu buttons above the chess board.

Note: To start a new game, you can hard refresh by holding down Ctrl + R on your keyboard.

Handy tip: Remember to save this page to your Bookmarks so you can return at the click of a button. To setup takes 30 seconds. If you don’t know how to add a Bookmark, click here to follow the steps.





Add this page to my bookmarks

To add this page, or any webpage to your browser bookmarks, follow the below steps. It’s super easy, and we’ve included some screen images to help below.

  1. Click the star icon on the top right side of the address bar (the star will be empty)
  2. Name the bookmark (e.g. Free Online Chess • 60+Club)
  3. Select the location or folder you want the webpage to be saved to. Bookmarks bar is fine
  4. Click “Done” to bookmark the webpage
  5. Finished!


To retrieve your bookmarked page (i.e. 60+Club online chess), simply:

  1. Click on the three vertical dots on the top right side of the address bar
  2. Click on Bookmarks (which will open up another menu)
  3. Scroll across to the left menu and click on your bookmarked page (i.e. Free Online Chess • 60+Club)
  4. Done! The page should load to your saved bookmark webpage.





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