Birds, Sea Life & Animal Portraits

By 60+Club
Paperback • Publication date: 23 May 2021

60+Club have teamed up with the talented folks at Piccolo Digital to create an Adult Colouring Book. Our book includes 50 intricate and therapeutic designs that feature detailed illustrations of animals, bird life & sea life.

Printed on high quality extra-thick paper, uncoated, high white with a smooth finish, and is 100% recycled. Our books are perfect for decorating with markers, coloured pencils or gel pens – designed to eliminate bleed-through. Our book is suited to any aged adult, and a great gift idea!

This book is printed and bound in Australia. We are proud to support local Australian businesses. Available to order only on our website.

$26.95 $19.90


🧡 Sneak peak at some illustrations inside 🧡

It’s time to de-stress and
become immersed in colouring!

Allow these unique drawings to whisk you away to a world of relaxation through colour.
This is the perfect remedy for relaxation and creativity by allowing your mind to focus on colouring.
“Colouring is a stress-free activity that relaxes the amygdala — the fear center of the brain — and allows your mind to get the rest it needs”.
– Ben Michaelis, Clinical psychologist

Product Details

Title: Birds, Sea Life & Animal Portraits
Subtitle: An Adult Colouring Book for Stress Relief
Author: 60+Club
Publisher: Piccolo Digital
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 23-05-2021
Country of origin: Australia
Pages: 56
Dimensions (mm): 210 x 280 x 6mm (A4 size)
Weight: 0.30kg

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Our paper quality is top notch!

Printed on high quality extra-thick paper, uncoated, high white with a smooth finish, designed to eliminate bleed-through. This means that you get more designs per book, allowing more flexibility in the bend of the spine.

100% recycled paper
Our paper quality is also 100% recycled, and is manufactured from FSC® Recycled certified fibre, and manufactured carbon neutral (NCOS). Produced by an ISO 14001 certified mill. No chlorine bleaching occurs in the recycling process. The paper is Australian made.

This book is printed and bound in Australia.


Thank you to Jane for sharing her recording

“The pencils glide across the paper so easily. I like the illustrations because there’s a lot of open spaces between the lines and the different background objects per page gives you a full colouring experience. And then there’s the cool animal portraits. Plenty of designs to keep you interested!”

Jane, QLD

🎨 Happy Colourers 🎨

“Stunning illustrations. A nice mix of birds, sea life and animals close up. I’m feeling relaxed.”
David, VIC

“Worth every penny. Thank you!”
Trish, New Zealand

“I love your colouring book. I got one for me and another for a friend. We met up and spent a companionable hour colouring – totally absorbed, like kids! Tonight it’s been a relaxing fill-in during TV ad breaks.”
Kristine, NSW

“By far the most enjoyable book I’ve coloured this year!”
Ruby, QLD

“60 Plus Club’s latest colouring book has been thoroughly enjoyable. The white space between lines, the mix of themes and illustrations that go right to the edge of the page… which gives you little more freedom to colour.”
Leanne, NSW

“I really love the thickness and quality of paper, great illustrations too. Thank you!”
Vivian, UK

The perfect gift for friends & family

Adult colouring books are the perfect gift for a neighbour, friend or family member. Whether they’re in need of some relaxation, stuck indoors due to another COVID-19 lockdown, want to try something new, or just want to have fun and add a little splash of color to their life – you can’t go wrong with our adult coloring book.

No pencils? No worries. We have a range of colouring pencils to package up your gift. We also offer gift wrapping for a gold coin donation. All money raised from our gift wrapping is donated to Dementia Australia.


Not just for artists!


Adult colouring books aren’t just for those with artistic skills
Yes, colouring between the lines and making beautiful drawings are aspects of colouring, but the main purpose of colouring books is the mental health benefits. If you are an anxious person, highly stressed, depressed or just bored in lockdown – colouring takes your mind away from these feelings allowing you to simply focus on colouring. So draw outside of the lines, or colour trees purple and clouds yellow. It really doesn’t matter!

Adult colouring books can be focused, therapeutic, relaxing, calming, problem solving, and organisational.












Benefits of colouring from the experts

Adult colouring books clearly help serve many purposes that are beneficial. They can be so much more than the colour by number that people might be thinking they are. They can be focused, therapeutic, relaxing, calming, problem solving, and organisational.

Try one out and you may just surprise yourself. If not, at least you have something pretty to hand on your fridge!

Source: Dr. Nikki Martinez, Psy.D. LCPC • Read article


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