The Why’s of Goodness eBook

Volume 3 • Quick summary

Volume three covers a range of behaviours and actions that will give your life more goodness, and those that you cross paths with. It delves in to the importance of maintaining a social life with friends and family, how being generous with your time or money can contribute to a more positive outlook on life, with case studies to support this. Also, how getting a good night’s sleep contributes to your mental and physical health, and ideas for those that struggle.


“A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.” Nelson Mandela

Sleeping, staying social and being generous

The Why’s of Goodness volume offers a unique collaboration of insights on a range of everyday experiences that most may not be aware of the benefits it contributes to health and a positive outlook on life. Being social, making new friends and keeping in touch with existing friends does wonders for you mental well-being and health. And surprisingly, so does being generous, which doesn’t just relate to monetary donations but there’s a lot more behind this. We also look at the impacts of getting a good night’s sleep, include tips for those that struggle to sleep through the night and explore the health and mental effects of sleeping pills and other sleep-related so-called remedies.

“Even if older adults weren’t socially active when they were younger, when they increase social activity later in life, it can still reduce physical and cognitive health issues.”

– Patricia A. Thomas, Ph.D., Author of the Population Research Center at University of Texas at Austin.

3.1 | Why you need a good night’s sleep

  • The importance of a good night’s sleep
  • Are sleeping pills the answer?
  • Sleeping pills: What are the risks?
  • The risks are increased as you age

  • Ways to sleep better without medicines
  • 14 tips to develop good sleeping habits
  • Handy tip: How blue light disrupts sleep
  • Case Studies
    • Case Study: Effects of sleep deprivation on cognition

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3.2 | Why being social is good for your health

  • The benefits of being socially active
  • The importance of social groups
  • Start your own social group
  • Online interest groups, communities and forums
  • Benefits of joining and online community group or forum
  • Five reasons why you should join an online community
  • Find an online community today!
  • Risks of distancing yourself from social activity

  • How loneliness and isolation affect your health
  • Overcoming isolation and loneliness
  • Combat depression and loneliness
  • Case Studies
    • Case Study: Socially active older adults have slower rates of health declines
    • Case Study: Active social life associated with well-being in life
  • Get started: Helpful groups and websites to get you being social

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3.3 | Why being generous after 60 is good for you

  • Good giving: Why helping others is good for your heart and your health
  • Being generous also has its personal and physical benefits
  • Study linking generosity with health benefits by spending money on others
  • Improving social connection and relationships through generosity

  • Being stingy with money increases stress levels
  • Whom you spend money on matters
  • Case Studies
    • Case Study: Motives for volunteering are associated with mortality risk in older adults
    • Case Study: A prospective study of volunteerism and hypertension risk in older adults

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