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This section looks at a range of helpful links for older Australians, retirees, Government links, and social insight and community links.

60+Club are strong advocates for volunteering, particular around the benefits for the person giving up their own time, as well as providing benefit for those on the receiving end. It also lends itself to the keeping social and meeting new people, which is why we have included a section for community links and information on this page.

For volunteering insights and advice, visit our dedicated page on Volunteering.



Older Australians

My Aged Care

Helps you find up-to-date information about Australia’s aged care system. It provides easier access to a full range of aged care services and hosts a number of features including aged care home details, help at home and carer information. Visit website.

Older Australians

Support for older Australians, including retirement advice, help with medical and pharmaceutical costs and financial support. Visit website.

Aged Care Complaints Commissioner

A free service for anyone to raise their concerns about the quality of care or services being delivered to people receiving aged care services subsidised by the Australian Government. The Complaints Commissioner has replaced the Aged Care Complaints Scheme. Visit website.

Aged Care Pricing Commissioner

Increases the level of transparency in the pricing of residential aged care services and ensures aged care recipients are charged appropriately for accommodation and other services through approval of certain prices. Visit website.

Aged care service finder

Helps you locate Australian Government-funded aged care services. You can search for homes in a particular location or find services that can help you remain independent in your home. Visit

Pensioner concession card

Gives cardholders access to Australian Government health concessions and helps with the cost of living by reducing the cost of certain goods and services. Visit website .

Seniors Card

Each state and territory has a Seniors Card scheme providing government concessions and participating business discounts on a range of goods and services. Find links to state and territory card providers. Visit website .

Be Connected

A new, free program for older Australians to help them increase their online confidence and skills, and realise the benefits of going online. Visit website .


Older Australians

Support for older Australians, including retirement advice, help with medical and pharmaceutical costs and financial support. Visit website.

Over 55s – MoneySmart

By the time you are 55, you might be thinking about retirement and what to do once you stop working. Check these MoneySmart prompts to help you review your finances and make some decisions. Visit website.

Seniors and retirees

If you are over 55, retired or thinking about retirement, find out how your taxation and superannuation interests will be affected by the decisions you make. Visit website.

Superannuation and retirement – MoneySmart

Provides information on superannuation, self-managed superannuation and retirement income streams. Includes calculators and planners. Visit website.

Government links

Keeping social – quick links

Helpful groups and websites to get you being social

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