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Volume 1 • Quick summary


“Plenty of people miss their share of happiness, not because they never found it, but because they didn’t stop to enjoy it.” William Feather

The key to happiness and smiling for the better good

Volume One is important for anyone looking to be positive or reinforce their positive outlook on life. In it, we explore the key to happiness and why smiling is such an important part of life, regardless of your age. In parts of our life, we sometimes find ourselves at a loss and feeling down. This is natural, however there are ways to overcome this, through mind and body. How much better do you feel when you’re happy, than feeling sad.

There are no actions or to-do lists at the end of this volume. Simply learn about the facts, evidence and case studies from scientists and professors in the industry from around the world. Be inspired and act on your own accord. It’s your car, we’re just giving you the fuel to take you on whatever journey you want.

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“Laughter activates the body’s natural relaxation response. It’s like internal jogging, providing a good massage to all internal organs while also toning abdominal muscles.”

– Dr. Gulshan Sethi, Head of cardiothoracic surgery, Tucson Medical Center.

1.1 | Laughter, the key to happiness

  • Hear it from the doctors…
  • The Benefits of Laughter
  • Laughter – How it effects the body
  • Laughter as a Stress buster
  • Laughter as a Painkiller
  • Laughter and Immunity
  • Cancer and Laughter
  • Laughter as an Aerobic Exercise
  • Laughter Regulates Genes
  • Keeping emotionally healthy through laughter
  • The positive links between laughter and health

  • Finding ways to laugh
    • Create opportunities to laugh
    • Checklist for lightening up
    • Tips to making laughter a way of life
    • Develop a sense of humour by taking yourself less serious
    • The positive relationship between a pet & happiness
    • The benefits of pets for human health
    • Impact on Physical Health
  • Pet therapy
    • What are the benefits of pet therapy?
    • Pet therapy and mental health
    • Pet therapy and dementia
    • 12 ways a pet can improve your mental health
  • Case Studies
    • Case Study: The positive effects of laughter on the Cardiovascular System
    • Case Study: The positive effects of laughter on Diabetes & Cholesterol
    • Case Study: The Proven Benefits of Pet Therapy for the Elderly

1.2 | Smile, it’s actually good for you

  • Bring back that smile, on the inside and out
  • Watch TED video: The hidden power of smiling
  • 8 Benefits of Smiling & Laughing
  • 10 Daily Habits Of Happy People
  • Simple ways to smile & laugh more often

  • 16 fascinating facts about our smiles
  • 15 Things you need to let go if you want to be happy
  • Case studies
    • Case Study: A Feel-Good Theory: A Smile Affects Mood
    • Case Study: Can Smiling Make You Happy?

Buy Volume One • $2.95

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