Complete eBook Guide • Four volumes

9 proven ways to improve your health & wellbeing after 60

60+Club are excited to release their eBooks, covering 9 proven ways to improve your health & wellbeing. With over 150 pages, our eBook discusses topical issues for the over 60s that are centred around health, well-being and embracing the aging process of life and all it’s splendour.

Each chapter has been compiled from industry professional publications, focus studies, results from research studies and social testing, and balanced opinions from industry experts in the field.

We explore the topical matters that most people aged over 60 years think about – and maybe don’t talk about. With each chapter and volume providing perspective, insights, and inspiration – all of which are based from proven studies.

Our eBooks are print friendly and easy to read. You can download and save them on your computer or tablet, or print it at the comfort of your home.

Volume One
Laughter, Smiles & Being positive

Chapters include:

  • Laughter, the key to happiness
  • Smile, it’s actually good for you

Volume Three
The Why’s of Goodness

Chapters include:

  • Why you need a good night’s sleep
  • Why being social is good for you
  • Why being generous after 60 is good for you

Volume Two
Looking after your health & wellbeing after 60

Chapters include:

  • Exercising after 60
  • Staying healthy over 60

Volume Four
Relaxing your mind & boosting your memory

Chapters include:

  • Staying relaxed after 60
  • Techniques to keeping your memory active









Volume 1 • Laughter, smiles & being positive

Volume One is important for anyone looking to be positive or reinforce their positive outlook on life. In it, we explore the key to happiness and why smiling is such an important part of life, regardless of your age. In parts of our life, we sometimes find ourselves at a loss and feeling down. This is natural, however there are ways to overcome this, through mind and body. How much better do you feel when you’re happy, than feeling sad.

Chapters include:

  • Laughter, the key to happiness
  • Smile, it’s actually good for you


  • Hear it from the doctors…
  • The Benefits of Laughter
  • Laughter – How it effects the body
  • Laughter as a Stress buster
  • Laughter as a Painkiller
  • Laughter and Immunity
  • Cancer and Laughter
  • Laughter as an Aerobic Exercise
  • Laughter Regulates Genes
  • Keeping emotionally healthy through laughter
  • The positive links between laughter and health
  • Finding ways to laugh
    • Create opportunities to laugh
    • Checklist for lightening up
    • Tips to making laughter a way of life
    • Develop a sense of humour by taking yourself less serious
    • The positive relationship between a pet & happiness
    • The benefits of pets for human health
    • Impact on Physical Health
  • Pet therapy
    • What are the benefits of pet therapy?
    • Pet therapy and mental health
    • Pet therapy and dementia
    • 12 ways a pet can improve your mental health
  • Case Studies
    • Case Study: The positive effects of laughter on the Cardiovascular System
    • Case Study: The positive effects of laughter on Diabetes & Cholesterol
    • Case Study: The Proven Benefits of Pet Therapy for the Elderly


  • Bring back that smile, on the inside and out
  • Watch TED video: The hidden power of smiling
  • 8 Benefits of Smiling & Laughing
  • 10 Daily Habits Of Happy People
  • Simple ways to smile & laugh more often
  • 16 fascinating facts about our smiles
  • 15 Things you need to let go if you want to be happy
  • Case studies
    • Case Study: A Feel-Good Theory: A Smile Affects Mood
    • Case Study: Can Smiling Make You Happy?

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Volume 2 • Looking after your health & wellbeing after 60

Looking after your health and well-being is an essential part of living a long and fruitful life. The older we age, the easier it is to neglect our health and physical activities, causing a number of detrimental issues to your body, mind and lifestyle. Volume Two hopes to reinforce this through case studies, research and scientific support from industry experts, as well as uncover the myths behind exercise, alcohol and diet.

Chapters include:

  • Exercising after 60
  • Staying healthy over 60


  • What are the benefits of being active daily?
  • Staying fit through exercise. But remember to enjoy yourself!
  • Setting goals and logging achievements
  • Set a schedule first so you don’t find excuses
  • OK, so you have a schedule and have set goals. How much should you push yourself?
  • Finding your correct training range for endurance exercises
  • Examples of physical activity that meet the guidelines
  • Infographic: Physical activity benefits for adults and older adults
  • Laughter Regulates Genes
  • How to improve your endurance
  • Counting your steps
  • Water, water, water!
  • Ways to measure your effort
  • Word of caution if you’ve been inactive for some time
  • 12 Myths About Exercise and Older Adults
  • Case Studies
    • Case Study: Different kinds of physical activity shown to improve brain volume, cut Alzheimer’s risk in half
    • Case Study: Exercise curbs your hunger, study shows

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  • Why you should want to stay healthy
  • Health benefits from eating well
  • Quick tips
  • New studies give more proof organic foods are far superior for health and wellness
  • Handy tip for eating out
  • Dietary supplements and are they safe?
  • Case Studies
    • Case Study: Healthy lifestyle advice provides long-term benefits
    • Case Study: Various research results showing greater benefits in organic foods
  • Smoking
    • Smoking, and why you need to quit
    • Why does smoking causes a rise in blood pressure?
    • How does smoking relate to risk of a heart attack and atherosclerosis?
    • Still not convinced? Here are some more reasons to quit smoking
    • The benefits of quitting smoking – Timeline
    • Infographics on smoking
  • Alcohol and health
    • The BAD
      • 12 conditions linked to chronic heavy drinking
    • The GOOD
      • Health benefits as a moderate drinker
      • 7 health benefits Of drinking alcohol

Volume 3 • The Why’s of Goodness

The Why’s of Goodness volume offers a unique collaboration of insights on a range of everyday experiences that most may not be aware of the benefits it contributes to health and a positive outlook on life. Being social, making new friends and keeping in touch with friends does wonders for you mental well-being and health. And surprisingly, so does being generous, which doesn’t just relate to monetary donations but there’s a lot more behind this. We also look at the impacts of getting a good night’s sleep, include tips for sleep-related remedies and facts around health and mental impacts to know.

Chapters include:

  • Why you need a good night’s sleep
  • Why being social is good for you
  • Why being generous after 60 is good for you


  • The importance of a good night’s sleep
  • Are sleeping pills the answer?
  • Sleeping pills: What are the risks?
  • The risks are increased as you age
  • Ways to sleep better without medicines
  • 14 tips to develop good sleeping habits
  • Handy tip: How blue light disrupts sleep
  • Case Studies
    • Case Study: Effects of sleep deprivation on cognition


  • The benefits of being socially active
  • The importance of social groups
  • Start your own social group
  • Online interest groups, communities and forums
  • Benefits of joining and online community group or forum
  • Five reasons why you should join an online community
  • Find an online community today!
  • Risks of distancing yourself from social activity
  • How loneliness and isolation affect your health
  • Overcoming isolation and loneliness
  • Combat depression and loneliness
  • Case Studies
    • Case Study: Socially active older adults have slower rates of health declines
    • Case Study: Active social life associated with well-being in life
  • Get started: Helpful groups and websites to get you being social


  • Good giving: Why helping others is good for your heart and your health
  • Being generous also has its personal and physical benefits
  • Study linking generosity with health benefits by spending money on others
  • Improving social connection and relationships through generosity
  • Being stingy with money increases stress levels
  • Whom you spend money on matters
  • Case Studies
    • Case Study: Motives for volunteering are associated with mortality risk in older adults
    • Case Study: A prospective study of volunteerism and hypertension risk in older adults

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Volume 4 • Relax your mind & Boost your memory

This volume offers a range of helpful resources and insights to help you break away from the cycle of work-life subconsciousness. You will discover activities to stay relaxed after 60, how to reduce stress and anxiety and develop activities to keep you on the right path to a healthy retirement. One detriment of retirement is neglecting cognitive parts of your brain. Volume Four also looks at techniques to keeping your memory active, certain external links that can cause deterioration of memory, and some activities to help keep your brain in check.

Chapters include:

  • Staying relaxed after 60
  • Techniques to keeping your memory active


  • How to relax your mind
  • Meditation
    • Stress-caused illness and meditation
    • 5-minute meditation exercise
  • Healthy habits
  • Relaxing activities
  • Avoiding stress
  • If it doesn’t feel good, then don’t do it
  • How to relax
  • Accepting stress
  • Relaxing your body
  • Relaxing your mind
  • Staying relaxed around stressful people
  • Spend time with people who radiate warmth and with whom you can truly connect
  • Mind-body relaxation techniques to overcome stress and anxiety
  • Case Studies
    • Case study: Yoga helps older adults battle depression and anxiety
  • Learn how to meditate with these helpful videos
  • Adult colouring books are good for your health
    • The science behind adult colouring books
    • 10 reasons adult colouring books will make your life a whole lot brighter
    • The health benefits of adult colouring books

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  • 6 tricks to improve your memory
  • 3 quick tips for added brainpower
  • 9 Foods that may help save your memory
  • Reduce your stress levels to improve memory
  • Being overweight linked to poorer memory
  • Continuous Learning As An Adult
    • Keep learning!
    • Facts on continuous learning as an adult:
    • The benefits of lifelong learning for adults 50-plus
    • The more powerful benefits to continuous learning as an adult
    • Education in your third ‘age’ of life
  • Case Studies
    • Case Study: Promoting active aging through university programs for older adults: An evaluation study
  • Solving the brain fitness puzzle is the key to self-empowered aging
  • Brain fitness tips to improve concentration and memory
  • Tips to improving concentration and memory
  • Learning a musical instrument
    • Powerful benefits of learning a musical instrument after 50
    • How playing an instrument benefits the brain
    • 5 reasons learning an instrument as an adult is easier than you think
    • 12 good reasons to start learning a musical instrument over 50

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Bonus Chapter • Quotes to make you laugh & ponder

We have pages of brilliant quotes that you’ll absolutely love! Below are just a few samples.

Categories include:

  • True happiness is... to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future.
  • I am old but I am forever young at heart. We are always the same age inside. Know that you are the perfect age. Each year is special and precious, you can only live it once. Do not regret growing older, it's a privilege denied to many!
  • Happiness depends upon ourselves.
  • Smiling: None are so rich they can get along without it, and none so poor but are richer for its benefits.
  • Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter.
  • I'm not interested in age. People who tell me their age are silly. You're as old as you feel.
  • No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.
  • I think your whole life shows in your face and you should be proud of that.
  • Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.
  • Age appears to be best in four things; old wood best to burn, old wine to drink, old friends to trust, and old authors to read.
  • The old believe everything, the middle-aged suspect everything, the young know everything.
  • The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly,


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