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23 power-saving tips to lower your electricity bill

Say goodbye to the 2022-23 financial year, and brace yourself for 2023-24’s whole new world of financial pain when it comes to power prices. Electricity usage can be cut more easily than some other bills such as rent or food, experts say, so consider these 23 power-saving tips to start 2023-24.

12 ways to stay social in retirement

Retirement marks a new chapter of life filled with opportunities for social connections and meaningful engagements. By embracing these various avenues, you’ll create a vibrant social life during your retirement years, brimming with meaningful connections and shared experiences.

Winter health & natural remedies

Winter is well and truly here, and that means cold and flu season has commenced. Taking good care of yourself during the winter months involves keeping your immune system at peak efficiency and acting quickly at the first sign of a cold. There are also natural remedies and common-sense strategies you can try should you come down with the sniffles.

Too good to be true? See through investment scams

A recent Scams Report found that investment scams cost Australians $1.5 billion last year. They’re increasingly sophisticated and can take many forms. Learning how to identify an investment scam will help safegaurd your money and future goals. Here are a few telltale signs.

CorningWare collector’s items value skyrockets after Instant Brands collapse

Aussies are being urged to check their kitchen cupboards for CorningWare collector’s items in the wake of the brand’s US-based parent company’s collapse. Off the back of the news, the price of CorningWare pieces on sites like eBay have reached an all-time high – skyrocketing to as much as $25,000!

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