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5 tips for navigating social connections beyond your 60s

Whether you’re newly single, have recently retired, or desire to expand your social circle, making new connections can seem daunting – especially when you’re over 60. The good news is many opportunities are just waiting for you to seize them. Here’s a guide to uncovering them.

14 health benefits of exercising for the over 60s

As we age, the significance of regular exercise takes on profound importance, becoming a cornerstone of maintaining a high quality of life in our latter years. While the benefits of physical activity are universally acknowledged, they take on even greater relevance for older adults. Exercise isn’t merely a matter of staying fit; it’s a fundamental component in ensuring we can enjoy our golden years to the fullest.

Superannuation Opportunities for the 2023-24 Financial Year

With the new financial year well underway, it’s an opportune time for retirees to review their financial strategies for 2023-24, especially concerning superannuation. Here are some key superannuation opportunities to consider…

Navigating the impact of aged care package changes

While the government is covering the recent 15% wage increase for home care workers, it does not include other associated staff expenses such as including superannuation, marketing, and administration costs, which may need to be passed on to package recipients. So just how will this impact aged care packages?

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Nine kings photographed together at Window Castle for the funeral of King Edward VII of the United Kingdom on 20 May 1910. This photo would be impossible to recreate as half of these royal lines are now defunct.


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