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Where are the best rates for June ’24 for Savings Accounts & Term Deposits

With the recent pivot in rate forecasts over the last two weeks, some banks have increased their term deposit and saving rates between the 3 – 9 month period almost 0.50%, whilst the 12-month and longer the rates have slightly decreased across the board. So where to look?

Common factors of isolation as we get older (with case study)

Isolation in older adults is a pervasive and often overlooked issue that affects millions of older adults worldwide. As people age, various life changes and challenges can lead to increased isolation and loneliness. Isolation not only diminishes the quality of life for seniors but also poses serious health risks, including depression, anxiety, cognitive decline, and even increased mortality rates.

Comparing Retirement Villages & Land Lease Communities

A land lease community or over-50s lifestyle resort may look like a retirement village, but there are key differences. It’s crucial to do your homework and understand these differences – not just in lifestyle and amenities, but also in how the various contracts can impact your finances now and in the future.

Turning 75 & Super Contributions: What You Need to Know

Turning 75 is a significant milestone for super contributions. After this age, making contributions other than “mandated” (Super Guarantee) or downsizer contributions becomes nearly impossible. Here are the key points and some nuances to consider.

Governments moving too slowly on battery fire ‘crisis’

What do you do with your old batteries? Do you recycle them or throw them into the rubbish? There are reportedly at least 10,000 battery-related fires in Australia each year, largely caused by people incorrectly disposing of them. State and territory ministers discussed possible solutions but some industry bodies are calling for immediate action to fix the “crisis”, especially when it comes to lithium-ion batteries.

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