Who is Dr. H?

Dr. H obtained her medical degree immediately after school at the highly competitive Newcastle University, formally known as University of Newcastle upon Tyne (UON), England. UON is a world-class university in Medicine and Surgery, established in 1834.

Dr. H is a fully registered trainee of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM), and is currently working as a registrar* in the Emergency Department (ED) of a big trauma hospital in Sydney. She will be sitting her consultant exams in the next 1-2 years.

Dr. H also works in Sports Medicine part-time, and has contracted to Cricket Australia and the Newtown Jets Rugby League Football Club over the years.

In addition, Dr. H has a qualification as a yoga instructor. As one of her lifestyle hobbies, she wanted to learn more about the physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines.

Dr. H believes in a holistic approach to health, encompassing diet, exercise and lifestyle.

Her other interests include reading, outdoors, trail running, cycling and swimming. She is currently training for her first 50km Ultra Trail Race (UTA) in 2019.

* Registrars are fully qualified doctors. Sometimes referred to as ‘junior doctors’, being professionally below a consultant, but are the most senior of the junior doctor term. Most doctors train in the area of emergency medicine for 5-10 years before becoming a consultant.

Sidenote: Dr. H has not been paid by 60+Club for her time or medical advice offered to our reader. She has kindly volunteered, which we are truly thankful. We hope that you are too.

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